Preparing to Build – Your Guide to Church Construction

Church Construction Made Simplier.

Some time ago, our church began conversations about moving to a new location. Our existing site was the result of the remodeling of an existing non-church building. Having been in this building from 1997 (the church was organized in 1994) this would have been our first attempt at a full-blown building project.

Needless to say, a thousand questions were swirling around in my head. Who would do the design, how much property would be needed? What about location and traffic flow? What about city code (that’s always a happy thought)? As pastor, I needed to have a least a good working knowledge of all aspects of leading the church through a building project.

I began to search the internet, spoke with colleges about their experiences, what I ended up with was information overload. I now had more questions than answers. Where could I turn, and who could I trust to give the information that I needed, minus the strong sales pitch. I was completely overwhelmed by all the information that seemed totally disconnected from any logical process.

I then discover Stephen Armstrongs book and website, “Preparing to Build A Church Building Guide.” While we have not been able to fulfill our dream as yet, Stephen’s invaluable information has certainly educated me regarding a safe process to proceed with.

The information given by Stephen will help you to look into your building process with better clarity of thought as to what are many of the pitfalls churches get caught in. We’ve all heard horror stories of churches getting deep into debt because of unforseen problems regarding costs. Those issues stemming from item no one thought about.  This material helped me to redefine our building needs at this present time.

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